#illshowyoumine began with a tumblr post by UK artist Bryony Kimmings.

After having being pointed to this after some discussions with other artists, Alex Desebrock did the same, and wrote one on her blog.

She then approached other artists to do the same.
Because it seemed useful.

We have started with 7 artists. But we hope it expands.
Please read. Comment. Add your voice.
We welcome new contributions too.
Just email alex @ maybetogether.com.au

This is our plan:
Stage one: independent artists show us theirs.
Stage two: presenters show us theirs.
Stage three: we don’t know what that it is yet. Hopefully Stage 1 & Stage 2 will inform this.

We’re interested in honesty. reflection. answers. discussion. ideas.
That’s all. xx


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad I found you guys through Freshly Pressed! (Congrats, by the way!) I think it’s easy for people to judge those who are a different job than they do, but I think that as long as you can support yourself, that’s all that matter. It’s fascinating to look up the cost of the artist lifestyle! I know several people I’m going to pass this blog to.


  2. Finally, how refreshing it was to read your article in Artshub. It was difficult to see it in writing , plain as day, but so very true.!!!! I been doing this independent dance artist thing for 20years now both here and in the UK and I can say without doubt , that the financial side of life still continues to throw its weight around so to speak. just the other day I was talking to a dear friend who’s stellar career as a theatre actor is to be envied , however , after 40years of working in this industry constantly she and her husband (who is a well known composer) are having to sell their house to make ends meet. Now one could put this down to not preparing for their latter years but sadly this is not the case. And time and again, this is happening. When I asked her however if she regretted her career choice – absolutely NOT. And neither do I.

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